About us

Zoetic Interactive is a high profile SEO firm with a creative streak a mile long, and an extensive list of services for search engine optimization, website design and development and content creation and optimization. What makes Zoetic Interactive unique is the combination of numerous decades’ worth of experience in a variety of relevant fields and industries including marketing, finance, brand strategy, media, communications and web technology.

Zoetic Interactive is a quickly growing company that is constantly looking for new talent to learn and grow with. The Zoetic Interactive culture and environment is ambitious, fast paced, supportive and extremely easy to work with. The entire creative team behind Zoetic Interactive is filled with smart and creative people who are constantly sitting at the forefront of what is happening regarding natural search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization. With numerous decades’ worth of experience in a myriad of industries and fields, Zoetic Interactive is the premiere search engine optimization firm for anyone looking to double, triple or quadruple their return on investment (ROI) in days and weeks rather than months and years.

This constantly growing and evolving search engine optimization firm is the brainchild of Yong Lee.

Zoetic Interactive is the culmination of great minds with several combined decades of experience in a number of industries including finance, marketing, web technology and brand strategy, media and communication as well. Yong Lee, the Founder and CEO of Zoetic Interactive brings more than 14 years of experience to the table with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in International Finance and Economics as well as a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Communication Design.

Before turning his passion for creating effective interactive solutions into the creation of Zoetic Interactive, Yong Lee held a position at Temel as a Project Manager and a Business Analyst, and he was responsible for leading the effort in communicating as well as the translation of business requirements as well as the successful management of the development of webites for a number of high profile clients, including Yellowbook USA, Barr, Anesiva and Accorda.

It’s not who we are but what we do that defines us. — Batman

Zoetic Interactive is a full-service marketing firm focusing on interactive marketing, organic search engine optimization and search engine marketing. With offices on two coasts, in New Jersey and in San Francisco, the Zoetic Interactive creative team employs more than 69 employees with a collective more than 74 years worth of experience in marketing both online and offline.

Zoetic Interactive has some pretty big missions in mind when it comes to your website. This design team is looking to help you increase your visibility online, increasing your brand awareness, improving upon your revenues, increasing sales figures and to better utilize the full potential of the internet to boost your return on investment. Zoetic is very proud to be your partner and advocate in creating and executing your Online Marketing Roadmap. At Zoetic Interactive, we strive to apply the best, proven online marketing techniques and techniques for natural search engine optimization, and we are constantly employing the best and most innovative practices because at Zoetic Interactive, we obtain our success through your success.

If you are looking to take your website to the Top 5 in Google results and to the front page of search engines for the keywords that matter to you most, the Zoetic Interactive creative team is the group that you need to be working with.